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Creating custom rides that display our personal essence and identity is an American passion. Outcast Kustoms has taken that passion and turned it into an art, becoming one of the premier customization shops in the country. They take on the biggest and baddest big rigs and RVs and transform them into some of the coolest, one-of-a-kind rides ruling the highways and byways.

For many folks, customizing their vehicle is more than just a hobby. Owning a Car, Truck, SUV, RV or Boat that expresses their individuality, showcases their style and defines their identity, becomes a life-long obsession. Many spend as much time and money on their ride, as they do on their homes and for some, their ride is their home.

Led by Kelvin Locklear of Trick My Truck fame, and his wife April, Outcast Kustoms will give its viewers an inside look at the design, engineering and restoration of these monsters. The Locklear’s have a team of fabricators, welders, painters & installers which come together to bring the creations to life.

Helping the Locklear's around the shop are a few guys you may know. Ted Musgrave, a Nascar truck champion runs the shop and keeps the vehicles rolling out the door on time by keeping all the shop guys in line. Four time Nascar truck champion Ron Hornaday, Jr. coordinates the builds and helps fabricate the custom pieces that make these rides one of a kind.

Airing Monday, March 26th at 9:00pm on Discovery’s Velocity TV
[formerly Discovery’s HD Theater]
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